Dylan Thomas - the Welsh Poet

Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet


His life

His works
18 Poems (1934)
25 Poems (1936)
The Map of Love (1939)
The World I Breathe (1939)
Potrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940)
New Poems (1943)
Deaths and Entrances (1946)
Selected Writings of Dylan Thomas (1946)
Twenty-Six Poems (1950)
In Country Sleep (1952)
Collected Poems, 1934-1952 (1952)
The Doctors and the Devils (1953)
Under Milkwood (1954)
Quite Early One Morning (1954)
Adventures in the Skin Trade and Other Stories (1955)
A Prospect of the Sea (1955)
A Childs Christmas in Wales (1955)
Letters to Vernon Watkins (1957)
The Beach of Falesá (1964)
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